Thanks for visiting EverSoZo. I’m a professional actress currently living by the seaside and working in London.  I’ve been lucky enough to perform in many West End shows such as Les Miserables, Grease and Sound Of Music. I’ve also appeared  in a few programmes on your telebox! more info on my work here…

Whilst appearing as Cosette in Les Miserables in the West End, i started a youtube channel. I wanted to show theatre fans what went on, not only ON stage but backstage and behind the scenes. These included interviews with cast, tours of the costume departments, the view from the wings, dressing rooms and even the technical side of the shows. What interested me most, was the fact i could give you guys an insight of  the lifestyle us performers have. Acting isn’t always the most stable of professions, one minute you can be performing a principal role in a long running musical,  and the next you can be wondering how on earth you are going to pay your rent. However, it’s all part of lifes rich tapestry and makes the entertainment world wonderfully interesting. Have a watch and subscribe for  updates

Besides theatre, I’ve always had a huge interest in anything creative,  I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to possessions. I find beauty in objects that if magically personified, could tell a good story. I have an online Etsy shop, where i sell my handmade semi precious jewellery, using crystals and semi precious materials. click here to share the EverSoZo love and light.

I’m a avid follower of mindfulness, yoga and generally being kind to the universe. I believe what put in, you get back. It takes far less energy to be kind than to be nasty. The world has enough critics already. ENCOURAGE!!

This blog is eclectic and has scraps from my adventures professionally and personally! i hope you like it….


love and light

Zoe xox